The other day I was foolish enough to click the miscarriage tag #onhere. (Sorry I’m probably not cool enough to use that) I chanced upon a piece where a woman documented her third miscarriage, complete with pictures. She wound up making it a pro-choice argument, using a genetic condition that caused her babies (or fetuses I guess she’d say) have a only 25% chance of survival in the pregnancy.

Anyway another part of what she said was “life can’t begin at conception, or with the heart beat, because that means I have three kids who are dead.”

(And I’m not trying to change hearts and minds here. You do you, and I’m gonna do my best to work towards conditions that make kids not a scary thing.)

But anyway, when I read that, I admit my reaction was just “duh?” Yes, you have three lost babies. Once they had life and now they don’t. And surprise, you are probably strong enough to survive it!

Of course, I believe my babies are hanging out with Jesus waiting for the rest of us to get there and party together. “Team Hubbard, assemble” they’ll yell, showing the seats they’ve saved for us at the marriage supper of the Lamb.

So maybe that helps? I don’t know. I hope one day to stop writing about miscarriage but “it ain’t happen now / it just ain’t happen yet.” Anyway. Yes. Babies do die and it’s sad and we grieve and mourn and cuss, but God can still be good.

That’s all.

Our family loves & serves our church New City South in St. Louis, MO. Grumpy old codger especially about church music & a writer, maybe, with 4 small children

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