This post is to demand the politicians and organizations who demanded delays for the St. Louis Board of Education’s vote on school closure provide plans and resources to make up for the financial resources the district is lacking.

Here is a sample letter (well, make it your own/tailor it to groups):

Dear X,

You demanded SLPS/BoE delay the vote on school closing in a ostensible display of concern for neighborhoods, communities, buildings. I am writing to demand that you provide what resources you have access to and what solutions you can provide for the children in SLPS’s neighborhood schools.


Dear Mayor Krewson,

I’m sorry to have to write you again, but I’m appalled by Judge Jimmie Edward’s comments on St. Louis On the Air regarding the gun deaths of our teenagers this summer. This man has no business being in public safety. Please fire him and choose someone who will work in humility and righteousness to create safety for our city. (His comments are at the end, in case you didn’t hear or read it.)

It is not acceptable to blame CHILDREN for their own deaths. Teenagers don’t even have all of their brain working properly. Edwards’ statements here…

I mean, my children are not adults yet so who knows what the actual outcome will be but this is what we do:

We baptized them to formally announce that they are part of the household of faith, both to ourselves and to others. I don’t know where to start except baptism. You have heard Roy say over and over we don’t believe it saves them. But it does give a shape to their lives. Because they are baptized, because they are part of our family, our church, we tell them “this is who you are, this is who we…

“Her life is ruined forever.” This kind of catastrophic language is often used to describe the fate of those who have experienced sexual assault or abuse.

We should stop. We can acknowledge the gravity and harm of sexual assault without priming everyone, including victims, to view it as life-ending. We must use realistic language to describe living with trauma, rather than implying that trauma ends us.

I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. I also have a loving and safe husband, four great children, and a satisfactory life, all things considered. The individuals who abused me did not ruin…

How the Church can Prepare for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is over. I had a Dairy Queen dip cone, and it was delicious. (Also lots of hugs and Mexican food for lunch, which is one of my favorites.) And I called my mom.

And now I’m hugging a soft unicorn and wondering if what I want to say is okay.

Over the course of the week, on social media, (which I know, that’s part of the problem), I feel like I’ve seen as many “Mother’s Day is sad/hard” posts as I’ve seen “Happy Mother’s Day” or “moms are awesome” posts…

“Thank you for your prayers over our families and holding us in our pain. We are extremely grateful for your kindness and generosity. Ruthie is now out of the ICU and healing, by all accounts it is a miracle our second child is unharmed. Please continue to pray for the Lew and the Blumenstein families as we process the unthinkable and lay our grief in the loving arms of Jesus. Joshua and Abigail are now resting in Heavenly peace and Joy.”

It was a screenshot when I saw it on Twitter. The background was that textured look that meant it…

[Here is a link to the beginning of the text to which I refer.]

Sometimes I don’t think I can be like Jesus. I’m too old, too tired, too grouchy. I know he’s our aspirational model of sanctification (as well as our justification), but sometimes, when I haven’t slept well because a kid woke me up in the night with a bad dream, or when I just can’t see the path from the groceries to the end of the month, that peaceful, only angry at the right time Jesus seems too far out of reach. I need him, for his…

I wrote this in the summer time. But reading Michael Wear’s piece in the Atlantic made me think maybe it was time to publish it.

I grew up Republican in Mississippi, and though I’m not either anymore, I’m still learning the new contexts I’ve grown into. I kinda feel like I must be a Democrat, because they seem to care the most about the people and issues I care the most about, but I’m still learning the difference between liberal and left and progressive. I have figured out that the Democratic Socialists are not my party because I don’t want…

Dear friend —

None of my kids are throwing up right now, the dishwasher is running, and I don’t have room for any more clean clothes so I can take some time to respond to you with the depth your questions deserve.

I haven’t really read the Black authors you reference because the little bit I’ve read about or from them has not made sense to me as I live in a Black family.

The article I posted does, though. Putting the question of identity politics aside for now, and focusing on white supremacy and its effects — which is…

St. Louis | September 2017

I was angry and saddened and unsurprised when the judge’s verdict came down that let a white cop off of murder charges for killing a Black man, even though he said “I’m gonna kill that m — f — er” and then did. Activists in our city have had kept up protests for what, two weeks now, and plan to keep them going. I haven’t gone to a protest, though I did support my husband’s going to one. I keep thinking one day there will be one where I won’t have to worry about getting…

Emily Hubbard

Our family loves & serves our church New City South in St. Louis, MO. Grumpy old codger especially about church music & a writer, maybe, with 4 small children

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